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Normandy in France to promote tourism

NormandyApril 25 (Notintown.net): The Cotentin Peninsula – also known as the Cherbourg Peninsula – in the Normandy region of France, will soon see its many tourism boards undergo a major restructuring in the next few months.

By June this year, 11 local tourism boards will have merged into one big entity and renamed Cotentin Tourist office making it, arguably, one of the most powerful tourism boards in the country with an annual budget of EUR4 million.

Out of this budget, up to EUR1 million will be kept aside to promote Cotentin worldwide; of which India, Middle East and China will be important focus markets. Continue Reading →

Kolkata-Khulna-Dhaka bus starts

Esplanade in central Kolkata

Esplanade in central Kolkata

April 9 (TravelAndy): To facilitate travel between India and Bangladesh, a Kolkata-Khulna-Dhaka bus service was flagged off from Kolkata yesterday.

This is a part of several initiatives being taken to strengthen bilateral relations and provide better tourism, road and rail connectivity for citizens of both India and Bangladesh. (Also read: Kolkata budget travel guide)

The bus services are being operated on the Kolkata-Dhaka and Kolkata- Dhaka-Agaratala routes in addition to the newly introduced Kolkata-Khulna-Dhaka bus service. Continue Reading →

India offers free SIMs to foreign tourists

The Taj Mahal is among India's  biggest tourism attractions. Picture by Atreyee Kar

The Taj Mahal is among India’s biggest tourism attractions. Picture by Atreyee Kar

February 17 (notintown.net): India has decided to start giving free pre-activated SIM cards to foreign tourists arriving in India.

The country’s tourism minister Mahesh Sharma recently launched the scheme which will only be available to tourists arriving in India on e-Visa.

Sharma said this initiative will facilitate the foreign tourists in communicating with their acquaintances immediately after their arrival in India. Continue Reading →

Railways to debut in Andamans

Logo squareFebruary 7 (TravelAndy): Indian Railways is planning to introduce a rail link between Port Blair and Diglipur in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, to put the archipelago on the rail map of India.

It is going to be a 240 Km broad gauge rail link that will connect Andaman’s capital to north Andaman’s largest city.

At present, the two cities are connected by a 350 Km bus ride and a 24 hour ship journey. There are no air connectivity between the two destinations. Continue Reading →

Nepal is hosting elephant fest to revive tourism

Logo squareDecember 28 (TravelAndy): Nepal is hosting its annual Chitwan elephant festival, to revive tourism in the Himalayan valley, said reports.

The five-day festival, which kicked off on December 26, 2017, will display activities and adventures involving elephants.

Additionally, the festival will also include games like polo, football, fast-walk, and beauty contest. Continue Reading →

Karnataka to host bird festival from Jan 5-7

Logo squareDecember 7 (TravelAndy): India’s Karnataka state is going to host ‘Hakki Habba’, the popular bird festival at Daroji Soth Bear Sanctuary in Hampi village, from Jan 5- 7, 2017, said reports.
This three-day festival is expected to draw several bird watchers, wildlife photographers and tourists of all walks.

Birds like partridges, francolins, sand grouses and birds of prey can be spotted along the bank of Tungabhadra river in Hampi. Yellow throated bulbul and great horned owl are some other attractions that will excite the bird enthusiasts. Continue Reading →

South Korea curb on budget trips from Vietnam

Logo squareOctober 27 (TravelAndy): South Korea has recently put restrictions on Vietnamese travel agencies offering budget tours to the country at a price lower than VND12 million, said reports.

The travel agencies offering such tours would be deprived of all advertising assistance and would be banned from taking part in joint promotions held by Korean Tourism Organisation (KTO).
Earlier, a Vietnamese tourist used to be charged at least VND20 million for a trip to South Korea, but many travel agencies have now reduced package prices to as low as VND12 million.

Continue Reading →

Puducherry to develop own Marina Beach

Paradise Beach, Puducherry. Picture by Swagata Basu

Paradise Beach, Puducherry. Picture by Swagata Basu

October 18 (TravelAndy): India’s union territory, Puducherry has decided to develop its Vambakeerappalayam beach near the Puducherry light house, into a tourist destination, said reports.

“The beach has to be converted to a place where people with their families can come and spend their evenings. Buses should be operated to the beach and tourists can be taken free of cost for one week and later by fixing a ticket fare,” Kiran Bedi, Lt. Governor of Puducherry was quoted as saying.

The beach will developed into a Marina beach, which will bear similarity with Marina beach in Chennai. It has been rechristened as ‘Pondy Mareena’. Continue Reading →

Tourism as usual after Thailand king’s death  

Imperial Palace Park, Kyoto

Imperial Palace Park, Kyoto

October 14 (TravelAndy): In spite of initial apprehensions, the death of Thailand’s popular king Bhumibol Adulyadej yesterday has not affected tourism in the country to any significant degree.

After announcement of the king’s death, thousands of citizens and tourists had gathered in front of the palace.

Many people wore black — the colour of mourning — following the announcement, especially in Bangkok. Continue Reading →

Plan a mine visit in Jharkhand next year

Logo squareSeptember 13 (TravelAndy): India’s Jharkhand state is planning to implement major tourism development across the state, by next year.

The iron ore mines in Kiriburu and Meghatuburu in East Singbhum district are going to be made accessible to the tourists by 2017, said The Times of India (TOI).

Additionally, the mines Lohardaga, Pakur, Bokaro and Ramgarh area will also be developed as tourist attraction later. Continue Reading →