Edinburgh to charge tourists GBP2 per night

A glimpse of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Picture by Atrayee Guha.

Edinburgh (TAN): Visiting Edinburgh could burn a deeper hole in tourists’ pockets very soon, as plans of introducing a tourist tax has won huge support. If implemented, visitors may have to shell out GBP2 per person per night.

In a research conducted by the City of Edinburgh Council, 85 per cent of 2,500 respondents, including over half of accommodation owners, supported the move, media reports said.

The public consultation on Transient Visitor Levy (TVL) proposed a GBP2 or a 2 per cent charge per room, per night on all types of accommodation, on short stays up to seven nights.

Estimates say the measure could raise between GBP11.6 million and GBP14.6 million per year, which can then be invested back into the Scottish capital’s public services, culture, and tourism.

The survey revealed 72 per cent backed the GBP2 or 2 per cent charge, 19 per cent felt it was too low, while 9 per cent were opposed to the levy altogether. Interestingly, a third of accommodation providers thought the rate was too high.

Adam McVey, City of Edinburgh Council Leader, said, “Once again, we are finding that there is a huge swell of support for a tourist tax in Edinburgh with residents and all types of business backing a scheme that is fair, sustainable and one which would be reinvested into the ongoing success of our tourism and hospitality industry and the services which matter must to local people.”

Meanwhile, several other European cities too are treading the same path. While Croatia’s Dubrovnik has already levied a tax last year, Venice too has plans to charge a tourist tax.


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