Frequent shooting, robbery & thefts in US: China

‘Unsafe country’

July 3 (TravelAndy): China has asked its citizens to be aware of the problems of travel in the US through a notification.

In the notification issued by the embassy of China in the US, the citizens have been reminded of the high health care costs, security issues and possible discrimination that they could face while traveling in the US during the Chinese summer vacations.

Issued in Chinese, the notification advises tourists to arrange adequate insurance and medical coverage for their travels.

“The US law and order is not good, and shooting, robbery, and theft are frequent. During the US tourism period, you should be alert to suspicious people around you, avoid going out alone at night. If you are in danger, please calmly respond and call 911 to call the police (you can get Chinese service by insisting on Chinese),” it adds.

It goes on to explain immigration rules and how to act in a natural calamity situation.



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