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‘You can travel indefinitely for USD200 a month’



It’s possible to travel the world for as little as USD200 a month.

I’m not saying it. Alex says it and he has been doing it for more than a year now.

Lampros Alexis from Greece is on a mission to travel around the world on his solar-powered bicycle, which can also be pedalled when it isn’t powered enough.

TravelAndy caught up with the adventurer when he was passing through Kolkata recently. Excerpts. Continue Reading →

Indonesia (Bali) visa for Indians

Indonesian tourist visa is free and on arrival for most nationalties, including Indians

Indonesian tourist visa is free and on arrival for most nationalties, including Indians

I’ve written about it earlier, but the Indian passport is more powerful than you think. You will realise this fact again while planning a trip to the incredibly beautiful Indonesia.

Yes, Indians do not need to a visa to enter Indonesia.

It took three hours for my AirAsia flight to get to Bali from Kuala Lumpur. Continue Reading →

Why Poland is perfect for the budget traveller

logo-3.3-with-bgPoland isn’t the first place on most people’s minds when they think of going to Europe. In this guest post, Rudradeb Mitra explains why it should be right at the top of your go-to list in Europe.

Poland is among the most underrated travel destinations in Europe. I believe it should be one of the top travel destination for travellers who seek to experience local culture, adventure and fun at a reasonable price.

Here’s why. Continue Reading →

Bali is set to become the next Bangkok for Indians

logo-3.3-with-bgOf all Indians who have been outside the country for travel — not work but travel — a very large percentage has been to Thailand.

The reasons for this are not hard to understand. Bangkok is only a few hours away — almost always a direct flight — and the country is not that costly and this works well for India’s middle class looking to travel abroad.

I believe there’s a second Bangkok waiting for Indians to explore, and that, for better or for worse, is Bali. Continue Reading →

Bali: I’m going on my first unplanned trip!

logo-3.3-with-bgThe original plan was to go to the UK.

I have never been to the UK and I have a few friends there I was looking forward to meet. Unfortunately, between the time I applied for my leave at work and got it, the plane ticket I was eyeing had gone up by INR15000.

A couple of cheaper options were available but they took more time. Also two of the friends I was supposed to meet told me they would not be available when I’d be visiting. I decided these were the universe’s way of telling me not to go to the UK just yet. Continue Reading →

The audio guide at Golkonda is a good idea

The audio guide at Gokonda Fort

The audio guide available at Gokonda Fort

One day during my stay in Hyderabad when I was feeling particularly touristy, I decided to spend several hours at Golkonda Fort. I discovered that making use of the audio guide there is a great way to explore the historic site as a solo traveller on a budget.

Human guides cost around INR700 and that’s probably not a bad deal if you are in a group. But as a solo traveller on a budget, I thought that was a little too much.

I read the advertisement about the audio guide right next to the ticket counter. When I asked them where I could get it, they said it would be right at the main entrance of the fort. As soon as I got there, several guides approached me, but when I told them I was looking for the audio guide, they left. The place where they rent out the audio guides is bang opposite the main entrance. Continue Reading →

How to travel London on a budget

logo-3.3-with-bgA month ago, UBS Wealth Management named London the fifth-most expensive city in the entire world, which often scares off young and budget travellers who are inclined to believe that they can only afford backpacking-friendly destinations. Truth be told, there are actually plenty of ways around all those expenses that the English capital is notoriously known for.

To survive a holiday in London on a limited budget, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Continue Reading →