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‘You can travel indefinitely for USD200 a month’



It’s possible to travel the world for as little as USD200 a month.

I’m not saying it. Alex says it and he has been doing it for more than a year now.

Lampros Alexis from Greece is on a mission to travel around the world on his solar-powered bicycle, which can also be pedalled when it isn’t powered enough.

TravelAndy caught up with the adventurer when he was passing through Kolkata recently. Excerpts. Continue Reading →

How to score a ten-year US tourist visa

Logo R1 rectangle bgSince Donald Trump took charge as US President, I found a lot of people around me speculating whether getting a US visa was going to become more difficult. I had been wanting to visit the United States for some time now and last month, I decided to go there in 2017. So, I went ahead and got myself a ten-year B1/B2 visa, which is for visits related to tourism and business in the United States.

The process was long and I would say a little complicated. But I took on one thing at a time and things worked out pretty smoothly in the end.

Read on to find out how to score a ten-year US tourist visa with an Indian passport. Continue Reading →

Why Poland is perfect for the budget traveller

logo-3.3-with-bgPoland isn’t the first place on most people’s minds when they think of going to Europe. In this guest post, Rudradeb Mitra explains why it should be right at the top of your go-to list in Europe.

Poland is among the most underrated travel destinations in Europe. I believe it should be one of the top travel destination for travellers who seek to experience local culture, adventure and fun at a reasonable price.

Here’s why. Continue Reading →

If you’re in Ubud, Bali, go to 9 Angels

9 Angels 5No one noticed when the music stopped.

The evening rain splattering on the tarpaulin above and through the leafy canopy on the tables set outside had its own music.

By the side of the piano, purple lights reflecting on the dried grass mound reminded me of the film Avatar. As the minutes passed, scores of the bugs we call Ui Poka in Bengali — a flying insect of the termite family — flew to the lights under the tarpaulin and outside. In ten minutes, there were hundreds of them at both the places. Continue Reading →

Lumina Borealis: Secret wonderland in Canada

LB-3December 22 (TravelAndy): As time progressed, people forgot to find enjoyment in winter. Sad and lonely, the ‘spirit of winter’ finally decided that it was time to take things in its own hands. It cast a spell to hide its best attractions under a magic veil. “Only those who keep a warm heart will be able to lift this veil!” said the spirit as it waited for guests to arrive.

So this winter, be the guest to unravel the secrets hidden behind the veil at Lumina Borealis.

Nearly three hours’ drive from Toronto, the Lumina Borealis is a meandering and illuminated outdoor walking trail laid along the grounds of the Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada.

Running until Feb 4, 2017, this frozen wonderland packs in some fantastic sights and entertainment. Continue Reading →

Give slow travel a chance

logo-3.3-with-bgOnce you are back from a two-week trip to Europe, it feels good to tell people back home you saw six countries, doesn’t it?

But the part about the trip you’d rather not dwell on is that you could not spend more than an hour at the Louvre because you still had to see Eiffel Tower, the Montmartre and five other places by the end of the day. You also tend to skip the part about visiting St. Peter’s Basilica but not finding enough time to go to the Vatican Museum to see Sistine Chapel.

In fact, you realise later that you spent more time travelling from one place to another than taking in a particular place, especially if you were doing the trip with a tour company that promised you the “highlights” of Europe. Continue Reading →

How to make friends on the road

logo-3.3-with-bgA lot of people ask me how I manage to travel alone.

Don’t you feel unsafe in a foreign land when there’s no one to watch your back? Don’t you get bored? These are two of the most common questions they tend to ask.

I’ve realised, most people just don’t get the fact that travelling alone doesn’t really mean being alone all through the trip. In fact, it increases the possibilities of your meeting new people and making friends. I have gone on many trips with groups of friends and not made a single friend on the road. On the other hand, I have made loads of friends while on solo trips. Go figure. Continue Reading →

Two kangaroos & some countryside hospitality

logo-3.3-with-bgBy the afternoon of my ninth day in Australia, I had seen six dead kangaroos by the road (apparently killed by cars) and eaten a seventh. I was starting to wonder if I’d actually see any live ones.

We had had a nice day exploring Kalbarri National Park and its incredible gorges and there were still a few hours to go before the sun set when we were driving out of the national park to a rest area by the Northwest Coastal Highway, where we intended to stay the night. Continue Reading →