Australia tourist visa guide for Indians

logo-3.3-with-bgGrant Notification: [My passport number]

That was the subject of the email I received from the department of immigration and border protection of the Australian government.

I did a heels-click jump in my mind. That was pretty quick. Eight days, to be precise when they had told me it would take around 15 working days for them to process my visa.

Here’s how I went about applying for the Australian tourist visa.

VFS handles the Australian visa process and I paid them a visit some days before I planned to submit my application. They directed me to a room a girl sat behind a glass window apparently ready to answer all my questions.

“Hello!” I started. “The info wasn’t quite clear on the website. What are the documents I need to submit for a tourist visa application?”

“There are no specified documents. You can submit whatever you want,” she replied.

“But surely, there must be some documents that are absolutely necessary?”

“There are no specified documents. You can submit whatever you want,” she repeated like clockwork.

“So, you’re saying I don’t even need to submit an application form?” I was going crazy.

“That, you will need sir.”

“And flight tickets?”

“That should be helpful too!”

I couldn’t believe it! Why wouldn’t she say this in the first place?! “Is there any other document that the visa department will find useful?”

“If you want, I could give you an application form and a document checklist,” she said.

There was an actual checklist and I have no clue why I had to prod her for so long to unearth that.

She handed me those two in a minute. The checklist was a full three printed pages! I later dug it out online. Here’s the link to it.

The checklist mentioned notarised copies of all the pages of the current passport. But the girl said VFS could certify them at the rate of INR10 a page. I decided that should be easier. The checklist also mentioned a 45mmX35mm passport sized photograph. But there was no mention of the size of the face.

The visa fees was INR7,700 and I had to submit a demand draft on behalf of “Australian High Commission” payable in New Delhi. VFS charges INR910 for their services.

The rest was pretty easy to understand.

One thing I find irritating about VFS is that despite being this big company partnering with so many governments around the world, they make it plainly obvious every time that they are just another middleman perpetually looking for a bigger cut than already promised.

When I was applying for my Canada visa in 2013, they had tried to reject my photograph on the pretext that the background wasn’t white and wanted me to have my picture clicked at their facility at an exorbitant price. When I pointed out that the official website mentioned a “light” background and not necessarily a “white” background, they went on the defensive and said they’d send it if I insisted, but they wouldn’t take responsibility if it was rejected (they are not responsible for anything anyway!). I asked them to ahead with it and I had no problems getting the visa.


Over the next few days, I arranged all the required documents for my current application. Here’s what I got together:

  • Filled in Form No. 1419 (Application for a Visitor visa- Tourist stream)
  • A demand draft on behalf of AUSTRALIAN HIGH COMMISSION for INR7,700 payable in New Delhi
  • Photocopies of all printed pages of my passport
  • Photocopy of my birth certificate
  • A 45mmX35mm passport sized photograph glued to the form
  • My plane tickets
  • A simple itinerary mentioning rough dates and the places I wanted to visit
  • My bank statement showing enough money to cover for my trip
  • Photocopies of my income tex returns of the past three years
  • Proof of investments I have made in my home country
  • Letter from my employer confirming that I am an employee of the firm and have been granted leave
  • Copies of my payslips of the past three months
  • Travel insurance

Armed with all this, I turned up at the VFS office again on a late December morning and said hi to the same girl again. She inspected my documents and said I had missed photocopying one page of my passport and I could do it from them. So I did, at, of course, double the regular charge from elsewhere. Once this problem was fixed, she proceeded to peel off my passport sized photograph I had pasted in the application form, saying the face had to be 80 per cent of the photograph and mine was too small.

This was mentioned nowhere and I still wonder if she just made it up or if VFS trains its employees to squeeze whatever extra money they can from clients. I could, of course, use their facilities and get a zoomed-in version of that photograph. However, I had a couple of photographs of the kind she wanted and handed them over.

I paid the VFS service charge and the passport page notarising fee at the counter and I was done. She checked all my documents, handed me the receipt and said the visa should land in my email in 15 working days. She didn’t even keep my passport.

I was a little surprised that the visa wouldn’t be pasted in my passport. But then I came back and read it up. You can find the details here.

I got the email after eight days.

Australia, here I come!


144 thoughts on “Australia tourist visa guide for Indians

  1. hello! i have some extra questions …
    maybe you can email me the answers if you dont want to write.
    how much money did you have in savings?
    the link isnt working for the checklist… got another link?
    do you have to book flights for visa application? noramlly they say dont book till you hVe the visa…?
    was there any information about someone in australia inviting an indian and saying they will sponsor them and be paying their trip???
    please write back asap

    1. Hi,
      My trip was four weeks and as far as I remember, I showed them around INR200000 after I’d booked my flights. I’ve updated the link and you should be able to see it now. Plus the post has the list of documents I’d submitted. So that should be helpful.
      Like I mentioned, they didn’t have an official set of required documents. So, the more documents you submit, the better your chances are of getting the visa. I had booked my flights.
      About the invite, if you have a friend who can send you an invite like that, it should make things smoother. I’d furnished some hotel bookings. Worked fine for me.
      Hope this helps. All the best.

      1. Dear Andy.
        my elder brother is a citizen of Australia and he had sent me invitation letter to invite me on tourism purpose along with his tax papers and passport copy, I’ve applied for the visa on 15-8-2018. I’ve submitted my 3years itr returns and a bank statement with balance of inr 4,00,000. I’ve also submitted my parents itr returns and their valid visitor visa to Australia which is valid till 2020. I am 23 years old and I don’t have any job here i’m just working with my father at our store. I want to know what are my chances to get visa?

          1. Thank you sir, in how many days i can expect to get visa? It’s been 9 working days yet.

          2. Hi Andy,


            I am Indian Citizen but residing in france since 2014 December.
            I have applied for Australian Visitor visa Subclasss 600 through online(Lodging) at 7th September 2018 (At Visa Status : initial assessment ). i have given my biometric information ( Finger print, Face detection etc) at Australain local biometeric agent in paris (10/09/2018).

            I uploaded all the relevant documents as per checklist (including: Company leaveauthorization letter, Payslip, France income tax declaration documents etc.,)

            Since 12th Septemeber my visa status is : Further assessment.
            There is no comments and no action required.

            Important information:
            This application is currently being assessed. The department may contact the applicant if further supporting documentation is required.

            Do have any idea after Futher assessment status, how long it will take time to grant the Visa.

            I would visa to travel australia 22nd Spetember.

            Thanks in advance,

            Mohamed Shuaib

  2. Hi dear,

    Nice info u have shared,
    But i would like to know… Do i require to notarize all the docs.
    And one more thing do i have to carry all original docs.

    1. You need to notarise copies of all the pages of your passport that you are submitting with the application. The only document I have mentioned is the birth certificate. Yes, carry that one. They will at the most ask to see it. They won’t keep it. And the passport you will have to carry of course. Since this visa is emailed to your inbox and not pasted on your passport, you don’t have to submit your passport with the application either.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the information. I am planning to travel to Australia for 2 weeks as a tourist. As per the Tourist visa check list available on VFS site, character and health documents are required. Where you asked to submit them. If yes, what are they?


    1. Hi Vijay, I wasn’t asked to submit them. I only submitted a letter from my employer saying I was an employee and that I would resume work on the specified date. I think you can just pay the VFS office a visit prior to your application and ask directly.

    1. There is no official amount. Depending on the number of days you’re going to stay there, the more you can show the better. To be safe, I guess it’s ok if you are able to show at least AUD200 a day without hotel bookings, probably a little less with bookings.

  4. Hi Andy, thank you for the post. Kindly share if Travel Insurance is mandatory. Also, I do not have birth certificate. Can I show them my School Certificate (Class 10th) instead?

    1. Hi Shikha,
      If you check the link on the post, you will find that travel insurance isn’t mandatory. But then, it will only make your application stronger. And if you ask me, you should never travel outside the country without insurance. Check this out Also, you don’t need birth certificate to apply for a Australia visa. Your date of birth is there in your passport and that will suffice.

  5. Another question: Can we apply for all family members together in a group ? do they need be physically there for any biometirc verification ?

    1. I suppose you just have to submit your applications together along with booking details. I don’t think they had biometric when I applied. But that was some time ago. What I’d suggest is go to the application centre before you apply and get all your queries answered. Then apply accordingly because that makes the process so much smoother.

      1. Hi, I just got tourist visa for 4 of my family members incl me, today. We did not have to visit the VFS office. I had submitted the documents through an agent.

        1. That’s great Sandip! Of course, travel agents get stuff done if you pay them. This post is for budget travellers who are ready to do some legwork to save a bit of money 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family Down Under.

  6. Hey Andy,
    Firstly, this is a very knowledgeable post. Secondly, I have 2 questions if you can help me out. I will be visiting Melbourne around 12 Feb. I have the last day in my current company on 10 Feb. Also, I have the joining for my new company on 1 March. I am visiting Aus in the days that I have in between. Since, my current employer is not giving a letter for visa purposes, what is the alternative document(s) that I can submit?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Piyush, I am glad you found the post useful. The letter from your employer isn’t mandatory. If you want to submit an alternative, I believe you can show them the appointment letter of your new job.

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for sharing your experience . Your post is really Knowledgable .
    I had a Query ! I was intending to travel to Australia in March , but was not sure of the Exact dates. I was making Hotel bookings which I can freely cancel , if my plans change . But was not clear about what to do about Flight Bookings , as Major airlines to Australia charge High Cancellation charges/ charges for Alteration of dates.
    So wanted to know are Confirmed return flight tickets mandatory documents for the Tourist Visa ? Do blocked air tickets work ?

    Thank you in advance .

    1. Amit, Thank you for your kind words. On the official site, they only want an itinerary of your trip. There’s no mention of a plane ticket. But then, a return plane ticket always makes your tourist visa application stronger. If your travel agent can block tickets and issue you a booking confirmation number without you having to pay, my guess is it should work.

      1. hi andy. Apparently my parents have booked the ticket for 2nd week of april and they are non refundable. My parents went to VFS and they said that you do not need to submit the tickets as it is not necessary and the visa link says the same thing too but according to your info there is a link which says “need tickets before applying”. kindly send me that link so i can rectify the issue.

        1. Hi Tezz, I think you’re mistaken because there is no such link on my post. You do not need confirmed tickets to apply for a visa. But confirmed return tickets should make your application stronger if you’re applying for a tourist visa.

  8. Hi, thanks for this detailed process. This is very very helpful.

    I have a query, I am planning to visit on 13th May. Tickets are done. I am planning to apply for visa ASAP. Do you think it is ok to apply on March or shall I apply on April? Just wanted to have the visa before doing the hotel bookings and all. And that will give me enough time to plan my vacation.

    1. Animesh, Glad you find this useful. You can apply in March but even if you apply in April, you still have a lot of time. About hotel bookings, they are not mandatory. In my case, I was doing a road trip and the plan was the stay in a campervan. So I didn’t have any hotel bookings to show anyway.

  9. Hello. I will be travelling with my wife and daughter (12years) on tourist visa. Will there be separate appication, or can I include them in single application.
    2. Do I need to submit a covering letter as required elsewhere.

  10. Hi Andy, your post was very helpful. Thanks for that . My question is is IT returns mandatory for Australia Visit visa or simply pan card is enough ? Plz inform .



    1. Ahmed,
      It’s not mandatory. I don’t think you’ll need a PAN card either. There’s a link to the document checklist in the post. You can have a look at that.

      1. Hi Andy, Thanks for your quick reply . One more question if u could answer me would be helpful.

        Is it a sticker Visa ( Pasted on passport ) or is it simply a paper visa ? In what form you got

          1. You should get in touch with the visa submission centre immediately and ask what’s wrong. I am not sure if they notify you if they decide not to grant you a visa.

  11. Hi Andy. I want to visit visa for Australia. April last week. Hotel booking and plan return tikit is necessary that times ????Can you tell me there is an inquiry in English?I am under stand English but some time I am not speak well. I am sye.

    1. Jitendera,
      Hotel booking and plan tickets are not compulsory but they will only make your application stronger and increase your chances of getting the visa. I don’t know where you are based, but there should be people at the visa centre who can speak the local language. If you find understanding the rules too complicated, take the help of a local travel consultant/agency for the visa. All the best!

  12. Hats off for great job on posting useful info. Is it mandatory to go through vfs or one can apply to Au high commission New Delhi ?

    1. Thank you very much. The Australian government has outsourced the visa service job to VFS and applicants need to go through them.

  13. Hi,
    Looks like it isn’t as simple …. I’ve submitted my visit visa for my family of 4 on 14th March. We had tkts on 13th April which we lost ..,, and there is still no sign of the visa. I’m absolutely frustrated and VFS have been utterly useless with their responses.
    Not sure how to go about things …. I may have to shelve the plan to travel as my return is planned for 29th April !

    Any advice?


    1. Tarun, It’s difficult for me to say something without being aware of all the details of your application and how you have followed up.


    1. Shubham, From what I understand, Australia visa officers prefer applicants who have a few first world visas on their passports. But generally, it’s always easier to get a new visa if you already have some visas on your passport. But then, people do have to start somewhere! Make a strong application and convince the visa officer that you have enough reasons to return to your home country and you will get the visa.

      1. how much does it cost for indians for aust tourist visa AUD? is it hard for them to get Aust tourist visa?? my freind is living over there, she has her own business in sth india.

        1. Jane,
          An Aus tourist visa will cost an Indian national around AUD160. Now, whether getting the visa will be simple or hard depends on several factors. If your friend is well-travelled, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. If not, she needs to furnish documents to convince the visa officer that she has enough reason to return home after her trip and not stay on.

    2. I m Mukesh plans visiting Australia/ nezeeland with family of three in October . We have not yet applied for the visa.what is the correct time for applying or if it can be done on line .

  15. HI Andy. You are very considerate in your helpful attitude. I have a couple of queries. Is Income tax returns mandatory for a simple tourist visa or just mere submission of form 16 will suffice ? And do they keep these documents (including bank balance statements) or return it to us on the spot after verification ??. Thanks

    1. Krishna, Form 16 not needed. Only IT returns if you have them, and they are not mandatory. Bank statements they will keep. You can just download copies of your bank statement through netbanking, you know.

      1. Dear Andy,

        I have been selected to present a paper in Australia on full scholarship. I applied for Vistior Business Stream VISA on May 23, 2017. My application is still under process and I have to travel this week on June 23, 2017. I have provided all the documents to the best of my knowledge. I have tried calling VFS. They keep saying one thing that they have forwarded my email. But i have received no response. What should I do now? Whom do I contact? Whom do I write now? Nobody replies. my flight is in three days and my scholarship will lapse if I dont get a visa. Please advice.


  16. Hey Andy,

    Great piece of information! Can you email me an itinerary of your trip? Also wanted to know whom should the invitation letter be addressed to? (my brother-in-law who’s at Sydney will be writing this letter to us).

    I also have a concern, which I wanted your suggestion on. I see that a minimum sufficient balance is required in the bank account while applying for a visa. Now, currently I do not have that sufficient amount in my account but I can arrange for the same. But a few posts suggests not to show transactions just for visa purposes. What should I do? I am planning to travel in the month of August.

    1. Soni, I didn’t submit an invitation letter, but perhaps that should be addressed to the High Commissioner. Will your brother-in-law be financing your stay? If yes, it’s his bank balance that is required. And if you’re funding your travel, you can just arrange to show enough money in your account. I have never had problems when I’ve transferred a big amount just for the trip and showed it. All the best!

  17. Dear andy ,
    Your post is very helpful.great job.
    I want to know do i need to certify birth certificate?
    Is birth certificate compulsory?

  18. Dear andy.
    I have worked 10 years in Dubai, UAE. Recently i have joined in new company at hometown through that company i have traveled to eroupe italy, swiss and france for business trip last april 2017. Now i resigned that company. So, can i apply tourist visa without any company documents such as appointment letter leave and salary slip. And also i have traveled to thailand and malasia last week. I have one year ITR and old dubai company letter. And my property notarized and valueation. Also i have strong bank statement with balance. Is it enough to apply for tourist visa for me and my wife. Also wife bank statement is good.

  19. Hey Andy.

    Do you need to notarize all the documents that youre submitting or just all the pages of the passport including the blank pages?
    Also I’ll be applying for a tourist visa for 6 months via mail so how should I pay the visa fee and vfs fee, demand drafts in the mail? My wife is an Australian citizen and I’ll be staying at her granny’s place would I be asked to provide the invitation letter or just mentioning the address will suffice?
    Also me being married to an Australian citizen would affect the visa grant process? If so how?as I’m going to visit family/relatives. Any and all the information will help immensely. Thank you so much. 🙂

  20. Hi, I wanted to know, Can I apply for Australia visa now, If I have to travel in March 2018?
    Do we have to undergo some kind of medical tests (we are under40)?
    Is there any format for getting Sanctioned leave from Govt office where I m working?

  21. hi andy! Im a single traveller visiting australia in august for which i have booked flights from 10th august 2017 to 8 september,2017. I have applied my visa just 3-4 days back. what is the hope to get it?

      1. I have attached sponsorship letter by parent , their ITR, bank statements enough cash liquidity inv bank written attested by bank manager , invitation by a friend , noc from parent, confirmed to and fro tickets . And even my student I’d card and admit card showing that my exams just ended so I’m going for a holiday. Prior to this I have visa of Singapore and Thailand on my passport . What are the chances of getting visa ? And also let me know what are the approximate processing days Australian tourist visa is taking to be approved? Please respond as soon as possible .

  22. i m working for L.I.C as an insurance advisor, i dont have salary slip but i have commision bill and aall other documents that you said in your previous so i want to know that my application will be accepted or not

  23. I have worked 10 years in dubai, UAE. Last 2016 i resigned my job and open new company in india and it is not registered. But i have travelled euroupe and thailand and malaysia. And i have strong bank transaction and balance. Is it enough to apply. Also currently i have s.korea visa.

    1. And i have only one year ITR. My company is seafood wholesale and retail and fishing boat equipment sales.

  24. HI sir
    “Is employment proof necessary to apply for tourist visa, I have enough funds to show in my bank account. ”

    I am a recent graduate, planning to travel Australia for couple weeks.

    Thank you

    1. Raejshwar,
      It’s not if you go by the rules. But if you have a job to come back to in India, it makes your application stronger. If you’re travelling with a tour group, it shouldn’t be a problem. But it could be a problem if you haven’t already got 2-3 first world visas on your passport.
      All the best!

  25. Hi andy, iam travelling aong with my wife and child under 8 years.Wanted to check if i need to fill the same form for visa subclass 600 or there is an alternate link as there is lot of quiestions which seems irrelevant liek business phone,address etc.

    1. Vijay,
      Form should be the same. You need to name yourself as the sponsor and provide relevant documents. I would suggest you have specific questions clarified from VFS.
      All the best!

  26. Hi Andy,

    I only have 2 years of ITR as I was studying before that. Apart from that, I have all the flight, hotel bookings, travel insurance, Bank statements for 6 months, Investment statements of last 2 years, Photograph, and necessary funds for travel. Will it be an issue to submit 2 years of ITR….?

  27. sir i have a bank statement for six months but i don’t have ITR or Form . Can i apply for a Australia tourist visa without ITR and Form 16 ?

    1. Hi, did you apply for the Australian visa without ITR and did you get it or not? I also don’t have ITR and want to apply for the visa.

  28. Hi Andy..I plan to intend Australia on 19th Oct. I applied for the tourist visa via agent on 6th Sept.My brother has Australian citizenship and has issued me the invitation letter and also his other investment documents for visa purpose.I also have followed all the protocols of submitting salary slips but just that employer’s leave approval letter I have not provided and the flight ticket details the agent said there is no need to submit.I haven’t received the VISA and the agent says they also have not received any queries from embassy.So my question is is not showing the leave approval letter and flight details pose any issues?

    1. Sudeshna,
      The letter from employer could be a factor because Australia is a tough visa to get unless you have visited 2-3 first world countries before (or you are going with a tour operator). They basically want to be convinced that you’d return to your home country and a letter from your employer mentioning you have been given leave and they expect you to join work on a specific date only makes your application stronger. But that is certainly not the only criteria and if your agent is satisfied s/he must have reasons for it. I hope things work out smoothly for you. All the best!

      1. Hi Andy. I did visit Australia before and sme countries in Europe so yes I d have first world countries visa.Agent says they have not received any queries so far and that nowadys it takes abut a month to get the visa. Tomorrow its going to be a month since i applied.Flights booked for 19th Oct to 9th Nov.Just very anxious till i receive the visa.

        1. Hi Sudeshna…greetings..I feel its ideal for you to submit a leave letter from your employer to the visa agent immediately and ask them to get in touch with the visa issuing officer on a priority basis…through which agent did you submit your visa application and what and how much proof of funds did you submit from your end ?….I am in the process of applying for a visitor visa …good luck and regards…krishna..

  29. Hi Andy,
    This blog was of immense help! I just gathered all the documents that you have mentioned and made an online application by myself. Got the visa grant notification by mail in 7 days. Keep travelling and blogging!

    1. Hi Liza and Andy…greetings …This query directed to both of you….is police/penal clearance certificate required for visitor visa (to meet brother for a month) and the question specifically to Liza is how much proof of funds did u furnish and was the online submission easy or cumbersome. Thanks and regards, krishna…

        1. Thanks for clearing my doubt Andy..I have one more query…if my parents transfer a substantial sum of money to my bank account as proof of funds for my visa purpose, will it be accepted or are they very particular about having a consistent history of enough funds meant to cover the trip…of course, my brother is going to send me an invite and also send his own proof of funds for my stay at his place in australia…

    2. Hi Liza, I’m jealous of you lol. Visa in 7 days in 2017 whoa this is amazing. May be Australia embassy wants people to submit themselves by online without agents or your Application is strong enough to give you visa soon.

    3. hi liza first of all congrats .
      now my question is. do we need to have any travel history for Australia tourist visa because we got Canada tourist visa rejection due to this reason.

    4. Hi Liza,
      Its Wonderful to hear that your visa granted in 7 days.

      I am Indian Citizen but residing in france since 2014 December.
      I have applied for Australian Visitor visa Subclasss 600 through online(Lodging) at 7th September 2018 (At Visa Status : initial assessment ). i have given my biometric information ( Finger print, Face detection etc) at Australain local biometeric agent in paris (10/09/2018).

      I uploaded all the relevant documents as per checklist (including: Company leaveauthorization letter, Payslip, France income tax declaration documents etc.,)

      Since 12th Septemeber my visa status is : Further assessment.
      There is no comments and no action required.

      Important information:
      This application is currently being assessed. The department may contact the applicant if further supporting documentation is required.

      Do have any idea after Futher assessment status, how long it will take time to grant the Visa.

      I would visa to travel australia 22nd Spetember.

      Thanks in advance,

      Mohamed Shuaib

  30. Dear Andy
    i have logged the application subclass 600 on 6th sep 2017 but still not yet received any email or letter from them what can i do

    1. Kapil,
      If you had submitted your application with all the required documents, you could go to the visa office/call them up and ask what’s wrong.

  31. Hello,

    Does anyone know about tourist guide service or agent that does site scenes in hindi ? looking for elderly people who can only speak and understand hindi and are looking to visit sydney-goldcoast-brisbane-melboure.


  32. Hi Andy, I have gone through your entire post and also everyone comments this page, questions and your replies to them. *I know you might be tired already of keep replying almost everyone here. But still I appreciate your help and patience.

    I’m a traveler and been to more than 25 countries already. I have applied Australia tourist visa on 14th September 2017 via VFS Hyderabad, they told me average time of 20 working days. Today its 22nd of October 2017 still under process (38days). I’m kinda pissed of on waiting lol and I know, I should wait or call them. But also number of people posted on Google should wait 4-6 weeks ah. I did submitted all the needful documents ans I guided the Thai citizen to apply Canada and Australia visa in mean while. Guess what lol my Thailand friend got both visa within 30days. Seems like India got visa traffic lol.

    Well I’m just writing here because I’m bored of waiting and also to see your comments on it or it will also help others to wait on their visa patiently.

    Anyway, good luck those who got your visa within 15days.

    -PK from Tamil Nadu

      1. Hi Andy, Thanks I got my tourist visa on 24th of October 2017. It’s 40days process. 1 year multiple entry visa 3 month stay.

  33. Hi Andy. I’m Vinayagam from Tamil nadu. My girlfriend is doing her PhD in Sydney. I’m in a plan to visit Australia to see her. Maximum stay would be around 1 month. My questions are as follows,
    1. How much of money I should show them to get my visa.
    2. I’m not employed anywhere, I don’t have income tax copies. Because I’m a farmer. We don’t have to pay taxes.
    3. Is she give me an invitation letter for my visa?
    4. What are the best options to do to get visa for me?
    I don’t know where to start. Help me.

    1. Vinayagam,

      1. Show as much as you can. I would say INR200,000 or more if possible.
      2. Additionally, you can show audited business accounts and credit card limits.
      3. Ask your girlfriend to send you a letter of invitation mentioning that she will take care of your accommodation and food during your stay in Australia and submit it with your application. Ask her to mention your arrival and departure dates in the letter.

      To convince them you are going to return to India,
      1. Submit evidence of your immediate family members in India.
      2. Evidence of property or other significant assets/investments that you have in India.
      3. Travel insurance for your intended travel dates.

      These could make your application a strong one. All the best!

  34. I need aAussy visa for 7 days I have to visit a friend who is there and will suppormy stay and hospitality. Now I would like to know how much money do I need to show in my account? and as I am not a savings kinda person I do not have a steady balance. And should I book the return ticket first and attach it with the application and I book the departure ticket later? Plus the airline I intend to book with does not have a refund policy at all. Please help Andy. Thanks in advance.

    1. Also this is my first time travelling outside, I can show immediate relatives, employer leave letter, a letter from my friend in australia, I do not have an Income tax record as of yet. I have an LIC policy in my name if that would that be in favor if I add it to the application? and is it good to go directly to Australian High commission as I live in New Delhi Itself? excluding VFS at all?

      1. Assef,
        Employer leave letter mentioning your leave and joining date along with the sponsor letter from your friend in Australia will be vital in your application. I am not sure if you are married, but Australia is wary giving tourist visas to single travellers, especially those travelling abroad for the first time. Furnish your family details in India along with your investments here (LIC and PPF if you have it) and convince them that you have enough reason to return. I don’t think going to the Aus High Commission directly will work because they have outsourced the clerical work to VFS and they don’t want to deal with the applicants directly. I don’t want to discourage you, but you need to make a really strong application. Furnish every document that you think will convince them you are going to be back. And don’t book your tickets before your visa is granted. All the best.

  35. Additionally, anyone can apply for an ETA for Australia if they’re citizen or holding a passport from these following countries: Brunei-Darussalam, Canada, Hong Kong (SAR PRC), Japan,
    Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States of America. Obviously, they can apply directly on the government website or opt to apply through a third party like this one Anyhow, your tips was surprisingly amazing. Thanks Andy!

  36. Hi Andy,

    I’m an IT professional from India would like to go to Australia for a week to visit my friend.
    I had some concerns, could you please answer them which would help me to complete the process.

    1 What type of visa do i need to apply for visiting purpose may be the subclass.
    2 Do i need to show the bank balance apart from the travel expenses or including it.
    3 Is it mandatory to submit payslips, and leave approval mail.
    4 For how many days the tourist visa is validated from the date of issue.
    5 Do i need to go for a medical check up.
    6 Do i need to submit air tickets,lodging details for visitors visa.
    7 How do i need to apply step by step process would help me.
    8 Visa costing details for Indians.

    As this would be my first international trip i would like to clear all my concerns. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi, here are the answers to your questions.

      1. The visa you need is “Visitor visa (subclass 600)”
      2. Balance after your air tickets, hotel bookings, travel insurance, etc.
      3. Nothing is mandatory. But they will only make your application stronger, especially considering this is your first international trip.
      4. 3 months.
      5. No.
      6. No. It is not compulsory. I’d say don’t buy your air ticket before you get your visa.
      7 & 8. It’s all in the post. You can check the official website (links in post) for updated info, if any.

      All the best.

  37. Hi Andy good morning,
    I am from India i would like to visit Australia as a tourist i have required documents ready and please find below list
    1. Strong bank balance
    2. Income tax returns 1 year
    3. Employment letter, pay slip 3 month, tour leave letter, Appointment letter
    4. Fixed Deposit, Life Insurance, health insurance

    Now i would like to know is it good for me to apply tourist visa separately or shall i apply for tourist visa with a group.

    Can you suggest me a good and best options as this is my first international trip.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Mohammed Asif

    1. Asif,
      Your documents seem to me in order. But since this is your first international trip and Australia is strict with visas, applying with a group would better your chances.
      All the best.

      1. hi
        my question is. is travel history is important to visit Australia? i am asking this because our Canada tourist visa got rejected due this. as this is the one of the reasons they gave. and my second question is we dont have any relative or friend there so is it effect our case or not?

        1. Rajni,
          If you have already travelled to first world countries when applying for an Australian visa, your application is stronger. While applying, the person collecting my visa documents told me specifically that people who have three first world visas have a better chance of getting an Aussie visa. I had that. So, in that sense, travel history is important. And I would say this is true not just for Australia but for any first world country.

          To answer your second question, if you neither have significant (refer to above) travel history nor any local contact in Australia, the visa officers would prefer that you travel to the country with a recognised tour operator and not on your own. Does that mean you have no chance of getting a visa? I am not saying that. But they have more reason to deny you one.

          Hope that helps.

  38. Hi,
    This website is useful.
    I have applied Business visitor visa through online and got VISA in email in five days, which is Multiple entry valid for one year.
    My task duration in Australia is two weeks.
    Do I need to face again interview at immigration/port of entry? How much duration they will stamp?

  39. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for a wonderful write up about the Visa application to Aus. I had a query and I hoping you can share your inputs.

    I am travelling on a Business Visa and I am planning to take my family on a visitor visa. I have a family of wife and 2 kids. Can my Office iternary for stay used for the family as one of the document. Also with 3 people traveling what would suggest be the amount in the bank shown. The travel duration will be close to a month.

    Your inputs would be valuable.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Akshay,
      I’m very happy to know you found the post useful. Your office itinerary should work fine for your family. At least INR500,000 should be good for three people for a month. If you can show more, all the better.
      Good luck!

        1. Just one more question. Can the money be shown as investments like FD, LIC etc or should everything be part of Savings Bank only. It would be great if you can help with this information.

          Thanks in advance.


  40. Hi Andy,

    Firstly Very useful post and its really kind of you to reply almost all the comments you got. I was searching through a query I had and I almost got my answer. Just one more thing I wanted to know , I am travelling with my wife and daughter during this Diwali, she works with a government college where they have a Diwali vacation, so they are not going to give her leave approval letter for already holidays. Further to get any kind of letter is a pain as she will have to go through a tedious process, so will it help if we just attach her salary slips and bank statements where salary gets deposits? Are there any chances they raise any letter from employer. Just to add I have enough finance related documents and an invite letter from friend who is citizen there. Besides I have visited Australia(alone) multiple times on a business visas (so I can attach visa grant letters)

    Do I still need to worry? Can you please advice. Thanks in advance

    1. Mr Vyas, It’s great to know you found the post useful.
      Considering the circumstances, salary slips and bank statements should work. If it’s possible, perhaps you could attach a copy of the college holiday notification with the visa application?

  41. Hi,

    My Visa application has been refused along with an application of my wife on 31/08/2018. The reason they showing for refusal are

    “My decision is based on the following factors:

    You have not provided sufficient evidence of your circumstances to demonstrate strong
    personal, employment or financial incentives to return to your home country after your
    intended visit with your application.
    I find that you have not demonstrated sufficiently strong financial, personal, employment or
    other commitments in your home country that would be an incentive for you to return after
    your visit.
    I am not satisfied that you genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose
    you have stated, and therefore find that you do not satisfy Subclause 600.211 of the
    Migration Regulations 1994.
    After considering the information provided, I am not satisfied that the applicant genuinely
    intends to stay temporarily in Australia for the purposes set out above.
    Therefore, I am not satisfied that the applicant meets the relevant criteria in clause 600.211
    in Schedule 2 of the Migration Regulations.”

    Firstly I am working in a public sector company and my wife is a home maker. All the required documents of mine were submitted to them including NOC from company, bank statements, ITRs, pay slips.As I am sponsoring my wife so no such documents of her were submitted.Bank balance I showed around 4 lac for two.

    After refusal I have checked the application that filled up by agency.Following are the points which I thought for refusal: 1. No proof of marriage
    2. No day to day itinerary to stay in Australia for 12 days
    3. In wife application, mentioned “self funded”
    4. No family information.
    5. Not showing assets ( LIC, PF, PPF etc )
    6. Not showing travel history

    So, Please give your valuable comments on it. And we want to reapply for VISA again .What is your opinion on reapplying ?

    This time I will give all my assets.

    1. Hi Mohit,

      I also got same reason on visa application refusal.
      Can I please know what additional documents you showed while applying for second time.

      Thank u


  42. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the useful post.

    I am planning to apply for visa for my parents, the dates are tentative, Could you please confirm, the visa validity (3 months) starts from the day I traveled to Australia or the day it got issued. Based on that, I will start the process.


    1. Rahul, It’s from the date you travel to Australia. There should be a “last date to arrive” mentioned in the Grant Notification email. So you need to arrive before that date.

  43. Hi Andy,

    My visitor visa 600 (Business stream) got refused for following reason :

    You have not provided sufficient evidence of your circumstances to demonstrate strong
    personal, employment or financial incentives to return to your home country after your
    intended visit with your application.
    I find that you have not demonstrated sufficiently strong financial, personal, employment or
    other commitments in your home country that would be an incentive for you to return after
    your visit.
    I am not satisfied that you genuinely intend to stay temporarily in Australia for the purpose
    you have stated, and therefore find that you do not satisfy Subclause 600.211 of the
    Migration Regulations 1994.

    Following documents was attached with my application :

    1. Invitation letter from my client
    2. My personal & business 6 months bank statement (roughly 2.5 lakhs in bank balance)
    3. Company registration & GST Certificate
    4. My property registration document
    5. ITR for my business
    6. AADHAAR Card copy

    I have to visit australia to meet my client before end of october. Now, i want to apply one more time with additional documents which will evidence my personal, employment or financial incentives to return to india.

    Just want your guidance to know if i missed any vital document in my first application.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Mani, I don’t have experience with the business visa but if you are married, you could furnish the marriage certificate that shows you have family back in India (strong personal incentive to return). Also perhaps your PPF account statement (strong financial incentive to return). If you have bought your return flight tickets, you could attach them as well along with travel insurance.

  44. Hi Andy,
    I have just quit my job and I am planning to visit Australia next month, My brother is already there with his family and he asked to visit Australia for 3-4 months. I just want to ask estimated funds I have to show and I am not planning to work in future as I am planning to start my own venture in India after a good holiday in Australia, It would be a great help if you can suggest something.


  45. Hi Andy,
    Me and my wife planning to visit Australia on tourist visa for holidays. I can support myself by showing my employment confirmation letter and Bank statement. My wife is house wife and don’t have any bank statement. I will be taking care of my wife expenses during Australia visit, so can I please know what supporting documents do my wife need to show for financial status while applying for visa.

  46. Hi Andy,

    I am applying for Australian tourist visa along with my partner for a honeymoon trip to Australia in February just after my marriage. My trip is funded by my Fiance but i dont have marriage certificate as of now. It will only be issued after my marriage. Also, as a proof that we are getting married we have wedding card but its printed in regional language (Hindi). Kindly let me know if I Can submit it as a proof or can I submit e-card as an alternative for this?

  47. Very informative post about the visa process. Appreciate for sharing your knowledge through this article. You have revealed a lot of vital points. These details will certainly come handy at some point for me.

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