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New low-cost option for trans-Altantic flights

 Vueling is another brand of the International Airlines Group that will launch LEVEL

Vueling is another brand of the IAG that will launch LEVEL

March 18 (TravelAndy): A new low-cost long-haul airline will starts operations from Barcelona to Los Angeles, San Francisco (Oakland), Buenos Aires and Punta Cana.

Named LEVEL, the airline brand is being launched by the International Airlines Group (IAG).

Flights to Los Angeles  will  start on June 1, 2017 and operate twice per week, those to San Francisco (Oakland) will start on June 2, 2017 and operate thrice a week and those  to Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) will begin June 10, 2017 and operate twice a week. Flights to Buenos Aires will start on June 17, 2017 and operate three times a week. Continue Reading →

Airbnb, Booking.com feel Barcelona heat

Tourist buses in Barcelona

Tourist buses in Barcelona

August 27 (TravelAndy): Barcelona mayor Ada Colau has warned home rental websites against marketing of apartments for tourists without a number showing that they are on the Catalan tourism register.

She also wanted websites such as Airbnb and Booking.com to share information on the property owners with the authorities.

“Everybody must comply with the same game rules,” Colau told Reuters, adding that there were thousands of apartments in the city that did not pay the Catalan tourist tax of EUR0.65 per person, per night. Continue Reading →

Barcelona: Freeze on tourist accommodation

Sagrada Família in Barcelona

Sagrada Família in Barcelona

July 3 (TravelAndy): Barcelona’s newly-elected Leftist mayor has put a freeze on licensing new tourist accommodation in an effort to stop it from ending up “like Venice”, said reports.

The Spanish city that hosted the 1992 Summer Olympics is among Europe’s most visited places. It saw 7.5 million international visitors last year.

The authorities said they planned to study the existing accommodation facilities and its economic and social impact and start a public debate on developing a sustainable tourism plan by next year. Continue Reading →

How to go around a city cheap

Budget travellers love good public transport in a city because it saves them lots of money. I know I do! Public transport ticket systems work very differently in different cities and when I am in a new city, I initially try to understand how it works before I decide what’s most suited to  my needs. But following these general things save me quite a bit of money every time.

Skip the taxi: From the airport, the easiest and most comfortable way to get to your destination in an unknown city is no doubt the taxi. But, it’s also the costliest and all budget travellers seek other alternatives.

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