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Chefs celebrate Canada’s 150th at 58° North

CHURCHILLMarch 7 (Notintown.net): RAW: Churchill, a unique culinary and adventure experience in Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada, kicked off this weekend and will run through to March 11.

Created to serve the growing market of food tourists who may otherwise never think of visiting northern Manitoba, RAW: Churchill is a partnership of Frontiers North Adventures, the creators of the award-winning RAW: Almond pop-up restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Parks Canada.

This year, to commemorate Canada’s 150th anniversary, three Canadian chefs— Mandel Hitzer, Emily Butcher and Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson — have crafted a meal inspired by this Canadian milestone. Continue Reading →

Lumina Borealis: Secret wonderland in Canada

LB-3December 22 (TravelAndy): As time progressed, people forgot to find enjoyment in winter. Sad and lonely, the ‘spirit of winter’ finally decided that it was time to take things in its own hands. It cast a spell to hide its best attractions under a magic veil. “Only those who keep a warm heart will be able to lift this veil!” said the spirit as it waited for guests to arrive.

So this winter, be the guest to unravel the secrets hidden behind the veil at Lumina Borealis.

Nearly three hours’ drive from Toronto, the Lumina Borealis is a meandering and illuminated outdoor walking trail laid along the grounds of the Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada.

Running until Feb 4, 2017, this frozen wonderland packs in some fantastic sights and entertainment. Continue Reading →

New LED illumination at Niagara Falls

Niagara 3December 8: The experience of viewing Niagara Falls in night gets better and more spectacular for the tourists flocking to the attraction as the Niagara Falls Illumination Board this month unveiled the new illumination system at Niagara Parks.

The Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls will now be illuminated every evening with energy-efficient LED lights, making the Falls much brighter than the previous xenon spotlights, which had difficulty cutting through the mist.

This USD4 million upgrade, financed by the bi-national Niagara Falls Illumination Board, will offer endless colour combinations and give visitors an entirely new way to experience Niagara Falls at night, said an official of The Niagara Parks Commission. Continue Reading →

NewLeaf to take off on July 25

Newleaf airlineJune 23 (TravelAndy): Canadian low-cost carrier, NewLeaf today announced to start operations from July 25.

“Today, I am happy to announce that we are one again, as a re-seller of airline seats, are accepting customer bookings, and that we will be taking to the skies on July 25,” the company’s CEO Jim Young said at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport today. Continue Reading →

Sourtoe Cocktail Club seeks donation of toes

SourtoeMay 13 (TravelAndy): The Downtown Hotel at Dawson City in west Canada’s Yukon territory is looking for human toes to put in a cocktail. Yes, you read that right.

The Sourtoe Cocktail Club has put up a post on its Facebook page seeking toes saying, “Wanted: Toes for the Sourtoe Cocktail”.

“Got frostbite? The Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, Yukon, is currently seeking toes for its World Famous Sourtoe Cocktail. Donor will be forever immortalised in the Sourtoe Hall of Fame,” it adds. Continue Reading →

Canada’s new ETA rule for visa-exempted countries

Logo squareMarch 5 (TravelAndy): The new pre-screening measure imposed by Canada, on visitors from visa-exempted countries, that was set to take effect on March 15, has been extended by 2 months.

Travellers, from countries enjoying no-visa facility, will require electronic travel authorization (eTA) prior to boarding their flight, which will be flying to or passing through Canada.

This new rule is applicable for foreign travellers including British, Australian and French citizens, , as well as permanent residents of the U.S. Continue Reading →

New airline to link Iqaluit, Ottawa & Halifax

rp_dscn1461-300x225-300x2251-300x225.jpgFebruary 3 (TravelAndy): New Canadian budget airline FlySarvaq intends to begin flights on May 6.

The airline will connect Iqaluit, capital of Nunavut, the northernmost and largest territory of Canada, to Ottawa and Helifax.

FlySarvaq plans to depart Ottawa for Iqaluit early on Mondays and Fridays and return to Ottawa from Iqaluit early in the evening. Continue Reading →

NewLeaf fails to keep Feb 12 flight date

Newleaf airlineJanuary 20 (TravelAndy): Canadian low-cost carrier, NewLeaf has suspended its plan to start flights following a licence issue raised by Canadian Transportation Agency.

According to reports, the airline has decided to refund all credit card transaction for tickets booked to avail the flight service, which was initially scheduled to begin from February 12.

The airline hopes to be able to begin official services from spring, this year. Continue Reading →

Newleaf to charge for carry-on

Newleaf airlineJanuary 6 (TravelAndy): Canada-based budget airline Newleaf, which starts flying on February 12, will charge for carry-on luggage.

The airline is not going on third party online booking sites in order to keep costs down. It will sell tickets through its own site — Flynewleaf.ca.

The Winnipeg-headquartered airline will fly out of secondary airports at Halifax, Hamilton, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Regina, Winnipeg and Abbotsford. The costs of tickets, including taxes, are between CAD89 to CAD149. Continue Reading →

NewLeaf eyes Hamilton hub

rp_plane-for-insurance-300x200.jpgApril 17 (TravelAndy): Proposed Canada-based ultra low-cost airline NewLeaf Travel intends to make Hamilton a hub, said CBC.

“The idea is that we are trying to lower the airfares,” said former Frontier vice-president and chief marketing officer of NewLeaf Jim Young. “We don’t like high-cost airports like Vancouver, Calgary, (Toronto) Pearson.”

Young said they had partnered with the existing Flair Airlines Ltd, which is based in Kelownam BC, to supply aircraft and crew.

NewLeaf is looking to start operations this summer.

With NewLeaf, three new players are now attempting to enter the ultra low-cost flying segment in Canada.

Canada: New ultra low-cost airline proposed

plane for insuranceApril 13 (Travelandy): A former executive of the US-based Frontier Airlines has proposed to launch an ultra low-cost airline based in Canada, the Globe and Mail reported.

The new airline, operated by the NewLeaf Travel Co. Inc, will operate from two secondary airports at Hamilton and Abbotsford and will look to fly to beach destinations in the US.

Former Frontier vice-president and chief marketing officer Jim Young said they had partnered with the existing Flair Airlines Ltd, which is based in Kelownam BC, to supply aircraft and crew.

“Our goal is to stay out of the large primary airports and focus on secondary airports because they represent lower-cost opportunities for us,”  the report quoted Young as saying.

With NewLeaf, three new players are now attempting to enter the ultra low-cost flying segment in Canada.

Greetings: Kiss, hug or shake hands?

logo-3.3-with-bgI was quite surprised the first time I saw two grown men greeting each other with loud kisses on the cheek on a pavement in the university area of Paris.

I had the idea that in the West, when two men exchanged greetings, they shook hands, a man and a woman greeted each other by kissing both cheeks of the other person and girls just hugged each other. So, I decided to ask my French friend Géraud about it.  Continue Reading →