Saudi airline dress code for passengers

August 14 ( Saudi Arabia, which ranks high in terms of curtailing women rights, has laid out new rules (dress codes) for travellers planning to use the country’s airline services.

According to the new dress code, women passengers are forbidden to show skin and for the males, no shorts.

Women have also been strictly told to not wear anything too short or tight, failure of which may lead to ‘refusal of transporting passengers’.

The new guideline by Saudia might not be limited to just that particular airline and may become a pan national thing.

Needless to say, it has Twitter brewing, with polarising opinions hitting the social media site.

While some passengers were relieved that the airline made it mandatory, others were enraged at the unnecessary policing.

“I am not obliged to see such clothing in public spaces, great decision on the part of the airline,” one user tweeted in support of the rule.

Others wondered if the law applied to everyone.

“Are the hostesses wearing abayas?,” a bemused Twitter user asked.

Another user shared a picture of a flyer in shorts.

The new rule also left many passengers frustrated, as some were forced to buy new clothes at the airport, others just cancelled their tickets.

Passengers have also pointed at the overtly Muslim customs that the airline was enforcing on its customers.

“Not everyone using the airline are Muslim. This will create problems,” said another flier.


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