Tourist nearly swept away by giant wave near Bali

The wave still far away as the woman poses. Screenshot from the video.

Bali (TAN): A tourist posing for a picture had a close shave when a wave nearly swept her away at the Nusa Lembongan island next to the popular tourist destination of Bali.

In a video clip that has gone viral on social media, a woman is seen posing with outstretched hands with the waves behind her crashing into the rocky coast.

A big wave that appeared to crash some way away but continued to smash against the shore behind her because of its size, is seen suddenly appearing from behind and entirely engulfing her.

The wave engulfs the tourist and she doesn’t get the time to react. Screenshot from the video.

While it seemed to have swept her away, in more footage, she is seen getting medical aid for some minor injuries.

Reports said the video was filmed at a rocky cove known as Devil’s Tears on Nusa Lembongan, an island popular with tourists on the southeast of Bali.

t gets its name from the giant waves that crash into the rocks, creating lingering sprays that drench onlookers.


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