There are a lot of good people around

With a stranger who randomly helped me out in Canada

Have you come across this news where a Reddit user realised she had forgotten her passport at a Kyoto hotel when she was in Tokyo and had to take a flight out of the city only a few hours later?

The woman posted on Reddit and asked if anyone could help her. A random stranger did.

The man, who was in Osaka, took a train to Kyoto, collected the passport, and got on the next Shinkanshen (bullet train) to Tokyo.

In the end, the woman was able to take her flight and the man earned a truckload of good karma.

Such stories make me feel good and reaffirm my faith on humanity. No, this was probably not something earth-shatteringly noble and saving lives, but these little things matter. Small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness bring a smile on people’s faces amid the daily humdrum of life.

As I read the story, I realised in a while that I was smiling too.

I remembered some words I had seen on a building at Bergen in Norway.

There are a lot of good people around.

Bergen, Norway


I believe that.



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