Make a booking at the world’s tiniest bed & breakfast

The world’s tiniest bed and breakfast. Picture from

Hamburg (TAN): How tall are you? If the answer is two centimeters or less, you are in for a treat.

Airbnb and Miniatur Wunderland welcome guests who are two centimeters and under, to stay at the world’s tiniest bed and breakfast in a small German town.

The classic two-storied redbrick German house, as tall as a lunchbox, is located in the tiny town of Knuffingen, right in the middle of Miniatur Wunderland. Miniatur Wunderland is a model railway attraction in Germany’s Hamburg.

The miniature classic two-storey redbrick German house. Picture from

All proceeds from bookings will go to Hanseatic Help, a charitable social logistics initiative based in Hamburg.

Once in Knuffingen, tourists can visit the iconic Castle Löwenstein, a magnificent baroque inspired building that sits pretty on a hillside above the city.


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