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Ride the Schwebebahn in Wuppertal, Germany


Acclimatizing. It was my first trip to Europe and I had an Indian friend staying there on the day of my arrival. I decided to spend the first day there with my friend to get a hang of all the newness around me.


To take a ride on the Schwebebahn, the hanging tram.

The first time I saw the Schwebebahn

My first view of the Schwebebahn

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Robots guide visitors at Berlin’s travel fair

Logo squareMarch 12 (TravelAndy): Two robots are welcoming visitors to the International Tourism Trade fair in Berlin (ITB).

Chihira Kanae, the robot, is extending warm welcome to the tourists. She is also guiding them to the right direction. She has been joined by her male counterpart, Mario, who is also functioning as a guide to the visitors.

The robots have become one of the prime attraction of ITB fair in Germany’s capital. Continue Reading →

Germany opens its first bicycle highway

A bicycle highway near Amsterdam

A bicycle highway near Amsterdam

January 1 (TravelAndy): Germany has thrown open the first five kilometres of what is set to become a 100km bicycle super highway, said reports.

This route, situated built on the unused railway tracks in the Ruhr industrial area in west Germany, will connect ten cities of Duisburg, Bochum and Hamm along with four universities.

This bicycle highway system, once fully functional, is expected to provide a commuting route to more than two million people, as a result there could be 50,000 less cars on the road in the area. Continue Reading →

Greetings: Kiss, hug or shake hands?

logo-3.3-with-bgI was quite surprised the first time I saw two grown men greeting each other with loud kisses on the cheek on a pavement in the university area of Paris.

I had the idea that in the West, when two men exchanged greetings, they shook hands, a man and a woman greeted each other by kissing both cheeks of the other person and girls just hugged each other. So, I decided to ask my French friend Géraud about it.  Continue Reading →