Fans flock to ‘Bird Box’ house in California

A ‘Bird Box’ poster. Picture from Netflix’s official Facebook page.

Los Angeles (TAN): Bird Box, Netflix’s latest hit, has left the Internet gushing over it so much that fans are flocking to a Los Angeles suburb where parts of it were shot.

The Sandra Bullock-starrer psychological thriller featured a house in which she and her two young co-stars hid from an unseen evil force. According to media reports, the house has turned into a tourist attraction.

The house, located in the small suburb of Monrovia, near California’s Los Angeles, has been attracting visitors. A handful of admirers have been dropping by to take photos every day, even on Christmas Day, the owner of the house told

The homeowner also said the house, which has already featured in four films including Bird Box in the past two decades, has earned her USD12,000 for its role in the movie.

The stone staircase at the front of the property was the most popular site of photography. Visitors, the report said, were polite, with some even knocking on the door to ask for permission.

However, posing with the Bird Box house is not the only strange thing the movie’s fans have done so far.

Netflix took to Twitter to caution fans about the risks of the #BirdBoxChallenge. Just like the characters in the film, fans have been going around inside their homes as well as stepping out, always blindfolded. The film’s popularity post its release on December 13, 2018, had triggered the challenge.


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