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Flight to connect Napoleon’s exile island

Logo squareJanuary 9 (TravelAndy): St. Helena, a remote island in the South Atlantic Ocean, will open its first airport in February.

Famed as Napoleon Bonaparte’s place of exile, St.Helena Island welcomed its first test flight on September 2015.


British Airways Comair will be the only airline set to operate flights to St. Helena from Johannesburg, The Guardian said. The airline is scheduled to operate a once-a-week flight to St Helena, every Saturday. Continue Reading →

How to glide through airport security check

logo-3.3-with-bgA lot of people I know are uncomfortable about security check at airports.

It’s not really as complicated and tiresome as it seems, you know! If you keep a few things in mind, you can sail through security check pretty smoothly.

The thing to understand is the fact that these rules are in place for the safety of passengers, and you are one of them. So, before you become biased in thinking of how you may be discriminated against and how you are being treated like a criminal, think of this basic fact.

Here are some pointers that will help you sail smoothly through airport security. Continue Reading →

How to find cheap flights

Flying is costly and airfares usually form a major part of people’s travel budgets. However, if you are determined to travel more and travel cheap, there are ways in which you can spend less on flying. Here’s how to find cheap flights.

Be flexible with dates: This is the factor that usually makes the biggest difference.

I went to Canada in 2013 and had planned to arrive in Vancouver in July. But that was around the time the Calgary Stampede took place and airfares were ridiculously high. I checked June prices and they were nearly INR30,000 less. I bought the June tickets.

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