Oman’s SalamAir takes flight

rp_dscn0963-300x215-300x2151-300x2151-300x2151-300x2151-300x215-300x2151-300x2151-300x215-300x2151-300x21511-300x21511-300x215-300x2151-300x215-300x2151-300x2151-300x215-300x2151-300x215.jpgJanuary 31 (TravelAndy): Oman’s new low-cost airline SalamAir operated its first commercial flight on January 29.

The airline started with a domestic flight between Oman’s port capital Muscat and Salalah, capital of Dhofar province in the country’s south.

The airline will fly twice daily on the Muscat-Salalah route, which is slated to increase to four flights a day gradually.

Apart from domestic routes, the airline plans to fly to international destinations such as Dubai, Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arab and Karachi in Pakistan, said reports.


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