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UK: Public sector rail service could be 10% cheaper

DSCN0686April 13 (TravelAndy): Season tickets prices in the UK could decrease by as much as 10 per cent by 2017 if the the railway service was run by the public sector and not private parties, a campaign group Action for Rail has found.

Train ticket prices in Britain are among Europe’s costliest.

The group further says that between 2015 and 2020, the contracts on 11 train lines will come up for renewal and the government could save GBP1.5 billion if the public sector took over the reins.

Budget travellers will be keeping their fingers crossed about this one.

8 things to know about trains in Europe

A high-speed train that runs between Paris and a small station on the border of France and Spain.

A high-speed train at a Paris station

Trains in Europe function in a considerably different way than they do in, say, India. So, it helps if you are somewhat aware of how things work before you get on a train in this continent. Here are 8 things to know about trains in Europe.

Great way to travel: Europe is very well-connected by the railway networks and for someone who does not have a car, trains are certainly a great way to go around and experience Europe. Continue Reading →