Solar phone chargers at Tokyo tourist spots

Logo squareJuly 26 (TravelAndy): Tourists visiting Tokyo might soon get to charge their smartphones free of cost at the city’s popular sight seeing spots, said reports.

The Tokyo metropolitan government recently announced that the first solar-powered battery charging station will be functional by October, 2015.

Tokyo Tower and Toranomon Hills business complex will be the first two tourist spots to get these charging stations.

Masayoshi Kojima of Tokyo Environmental Public Service Corporation told Japan Times that these solar-powered station would charge mobile phones as fast as any residential power outlet.

The charging stations will be functional even on bad weather days and are earthquake resistant, Kojima added.

To make the stations identifiable to non-Japanese speaking tourists, each station will have a picture of a smartphone surrounded by a white line that indicates charging cables.

Based on the performance of the first two charging stations, the government will decide on expanding it to other tourist destinations.


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