Jet Airways introduces Jet Global Pass

Jet Airways aircraft at the Mumbai airport
Jet Airways aircraft at the Mumbai airport

February 18 (TravelAndy): Jet Airways has introduced a new pre-paid ‘Jet Global Pass’ that will allow its guests to travel on the airline’s its entire network of 66 domestic and international destinations.

The pre-paid Jet Global Pass – available as booklets with sets of four pre-paid coupons each, has been designed and made available for both Economy and Premiere travel at price points of INR 52,673 and INR 119,312 (excluding taxes) respectively, the airline said.

The one-fare Global Pass will be specially advantageous for guests who maintain flexible travel itineraries and for those whose itineraries are firmed up at the last minute, as it will insulate them against higher available bucket fares or peak fares which generally prevail closer to the date of travel.

The Jet Global Pass will even aid frequent travellers beat seasonality since it offers tickets in fare classes that hold significant inventory and are therefore mostly available.

Guests holding the pass also get to make substantial savings via incremental advantages in terms of a higher baggage limit of 20kg on domestic sectors as well as a zero cancellation charge and a zero date change penalty for tickets cancelled up to three hours prior to departure.

Flyers using the Global Pass need only pay the fares printed on the coupon, independent of any price fluctuations or seasonality. The pass will offer guests immense flexibility in planning their travel, allowing them to fly any time to any of the airline’s direct destinations with valid coupons. Being pre-paid, the coupons in the Pass can also be gifted or transferred to family and friends, further aiding flexibility of travel.

“The pass has great benefits for both corporate and leisure guests, allowing them to travel seamlessly throughout our network. The Global Passes are also transferable to friends and family, which gives them the freedom and flexibility to manage their individual travel needs,” said Jayaraj Shanmugam, chief commercial officer of the airline.

To book their tickets, guests can either redeem individual coupons or combinations thereof while travelling to any destinations across the airline’s network.

Jet Airways has divided its entire network into four distinct zones depending on the distance being travelled. For example, most domestic destinations can be easily accessed via a single coupon, while tickets for short haul destinations such as Bangkok, Dubai and others will require two coupons to be redeemed. Similarly, a one-way ticket to London and Amsterdam will use three coupons, while a trip to Toronto in Canada, will require all four coupons to be redeemed for a one-way ticket.

The Jet Global Pass is valid for a period of six months from the date of issue and can be currently be bought directly from the airline’s offices, airport reservation counters, contact centre via IVR or through travel agents.

As a special inaugural offer, the airline is offering validity extension for an additional three months at a small, additional charge.


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