How love works on the road

She was a thousand miles from home, alone in a foreign country. 

love 3Lisa had chosen to do this, but at that point, she felt she’d spent far too long on her own, surrounded by foreignness that she didn’t always understand and that which wasn’t always friendly. She missed home, familiar places and faces. At this point, when she crossed paths with a stranger who could take her mind off her misgivings and with whom she could share her long-term traveller’s emotions, it was hard not to form that special bond. 

“As a solo traveller, I have been in difficult situations during which I wished for the reliable company and support of a good friend. During one such time, I formed a quick friendship with a fellow traveller who was a little weary himself and somewhat weighed down like me by the issues facing the country we were in at the time. We began to speak for hours every day about our experiences in a conflict zone, and soon our conversations widened in their scope as we found each other to share similar interests and passions.

“We spoke different languages, came from countries that are far apart, and would probably never see each other again. And yet there we were, hitting it right off, looking out for each other and feeling empathy and excitement for each other’s stories, lives and company,” she says.


Sam met her at a hostel, both of them far away from home. When they got talking over a drink that evening, they realised both their travel plans for the next month were similar and decided to travel that bit together. One week later, both were happy that they took the decision because they gelled so well. After another week of travel and being with each other 24X7, they found themselves no different from a couple.

love 2

At the end of a month, they were both sad to part ways, but both being travellers at heart, they had been ready for this and accepted the fact that both of them had newer places to see and newer people to meet. They continue to be in touch.


Aparna fell for the organiser of the trekking trip that she’d been to. He was handsome. But after three trips together and getting to know him well, the magic disappeared. After a while, she met the guy, who is now the love of her life, on another trekking trip.

“My romance is always on the road,” she says.


love on the roadEven they fell in love while travelling.

“Because I travel so much, and often alone, the insecurity of not knowing when and where we are going to see each next makes it way more intense than when you do. But it was very satisfying when he would travel to visit and catch up in a different city or country,” said Fem.


Over the last few days, I had been speaking to my traveller friends on finding romance on the road. Is it easy to fall in love while on the road? Do long-term travellers find it easier to move on?

What emerged was that though there isn’t a specific pattern here (because we’re talking about different people with different personalities and varied backgrounds), people tend to bond quickly on the road, usually because of the similar situations they find themselves in.

Also, on the road, social norms that would apply when you’re home, often don’t hold good. No one is around to judge you, no one to form puritanical opinions. Things are simpler and you just go with the flow.

But people who are travellers at heart travel for travel’s sake. Their one true love is the road.

Some names have been changed on request. The pictures are for indicative purposes.

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