Drivers as tourist guide plan in Mysuru

Logo squareFebruary 14 (TravelAndy): Mysuru in India’s Karnataka state has decided to engage autorickshaw and taxi drivers as unofficial tourism ambassadors of the city, The Hindu reported.

A mobile application will be designed to supply all tourism related information of the city and surrounding areas, which will facilitate the drivers to guide visitors.

Approximately 100 drivers will be selected for this initiative. They will be trained to handle the assignment.

Additionally, the drivers will also cater to ‘shopping on wheels’, an initiative allowing visitors to shop on the go.

Under this program, tourists can buy souvenirs costing between INR50 and INR500 from crafts shops.

The authorities are also planning to develop a strong web presence to attract more tourists.

Promoting tourism through local radio, within 30km radius of the city, is also on the cards.


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