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What happened at the onsen

logo-3.3-with-bgI seriously considered turning back as I stood in front of the grand Meiji-era building. This was the Takegawara onsen and if I managed to do it, it would be my first ever onsen experience.

After walking back and forth by the entrance a couple of times, I decided my Japan experience wouldn’t be complete if I did not get into an onsen. I slowly counted to five in an effort to calm myself and went in. Continue Reading →

Four essentials that help you travel better

logo-3.3-with-bgWhen travelling on a budget, you constantly need to think of innovative ways to cut your costs. I do it all the time!

However, there are a few travel essentials where the cheapest option is definitely not the way to go. For these items, it makes sense to spend a reasonable sum of money because it only helps you travel better. Though these items may be a bit heavy on the pocket at the point you’re buying them, you actually save when you’re looking at them from a long-term perspective.

In this post, I will talk about four essentials that help you travel better. Continue Reading →

Full Moon Party: Dos and don’ts

The best party ever!

The best party ever!

There is much more to Koh Phangan (koh means island in Thai) than the Full Moon Party (FMP). But probably more than 70 per cent of the people visiting this island in the Gulf of Thailand do it just for this party.

Just in case you don’t know about it, the Full Moon Party is held once every month on or around the full moon and this is among the world’s largest rave parties.  In fact, this one party drives the economy of the island.

Follow these Full Moon Party dos and don’ts to make the most of your stay on Koh Phangan. Continue Reading →

10 things to know before going to Japan

I’m just back from my three-week trip to Japan and I cannot stop thinking about the many ways in which this country amazed me.

I had a little checklist and I couldn’t see/do everything in that but I’m not complaining! This is because I experienced wonderful things that were not in my list in the first place and got to know some really nice people who I want to keep in touch with.

They do stuff differently in Japan, to very good effect! Here are 10 things to know before going to Japan. Continue Reading →

How to keep your backpack light

My bags at Praggue railway station

My bags at Prague railway station

I have seen plenty of people paying tonnes of money at the airport baggage check-in counter because of overweight luggage. This has always confused me because, for some reason, my bags always weigh way below the permissible limit.

In 2012 ahead of my five-week Europe trip, when I was checking in at the airport, I actually got a little worried to see my big bag weigh less than 11kg when the airline allowed 25kg. Continue Reading →

How to plan a foreign trip

logo-3.3-with-bgIt’s easy to feel lost the first time you start planning a foreign trip. Where do you start? Should you first book the flight or get the visa done? What about hotel bookings? What mode of transport should you use within the country? Phew, lots of questions!

You can now stop getting worked up because, here, I am putting together sequentially the A to Z of how to plan a foreign trip. Continue Reading →

How to have the local experience

Tourists queue up to get into the bell tower (out of frame in the left) at St Mark's Square in Venice

Tourists queue up to get into the bell tower (out of frame in the left) at St Mark’s Square in Venice

I hate to queue up to see a ‘tourist spot’ while visiting a new place. When I am travelling, I try to experience a slice of the life of the local person because, to me, that’s the best way to get a feel of a new place.

If you look at travel from a similar perspective, here are seven ways on how to have the local experience.

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Why travelling solo is awesome

The clarity on what is essential for the individual when you take the risk of travelling alone is unbelievable.

Ava Irani, a friend I made while travelling solo in Thailand

logo-3.3-with-bgIf you are an avid traveller but have never travelled alone, you don’t know what you have been missing. Here’s why travelling alone is awesome.

You can travel selfishly: Cycle 100km in a day if you so desire. Don’t leave your hostel bunk for the next two days because you have a sore ass with all that cycling. Don’t worry, no one is calling you silly. Indulge in a relaxing siesta on the soft green grass of a random park. Live on sandwiches for ten days. Head out for Rome and decide midway to go to Vienna. You’ll get to Rome sooner or later because all roads lead there anyway! Do anything. Go anywhere. Or nowhere. You don’t have to worry what your travel companion(s) may or may not approve of when you are alone. You don’t have to compromise and you can travel selfishly and this is amazingly liberating.

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How to sleep cheap while travelling

After airfares, the most amount of money you spend during a trip is usually for accommodation. But with the right approach, it is possible to bring down the sleeping costs, at times, to zero.

Here’s how to sleep cheap while travelling.

Hostels: Hostels are not as popular in India as in the West. But for the budget traveller, they are a great way to save money, make friends, and trade useful information.

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How to find cheap flights

Flying is costly and airfares usually form a major part of people’s travel budgets. However, if you are determined to travel more and travel cheap, there are ways in which you can spend less on flying. Here’s how to find cheap flights.

Be flexible with dates: This is the factor that usually makes the biggest difference.

I went to Canada in 2013 and had planned to arrive in Vancouver in July. But that was around the time the Calgary Stampede took place and airfares were ridiculously high. I checked June prices and they were nearly INR30,000 less. I bought the June tickets.

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